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High water bills?

Would you like to significantly reduce the cost of your monthly water bills? Save on Water is a suite-by-suite water retrofit program which has delivered reliable savings time after time. We guarantee results and provide hourly water monitoring to prove it. With over 15 years experience monitoring and evaluating energy and water conservation, we deliver savings you can trust. Stop wasteful water usage and start SAVING on your water bills.

How does it work?

As part of the Save on Water program, we will:

How much could you be saving?
Calculate your potential utility bill savings with the Water Wizard.
  • Inspect your building to quantify water saving opportunities;
  • Connect your water meter to the internet and provide hourly monitoring online;
  • Perform a suite-by-suite water retrofit program; and
  • Start evaluating the results immediately

With a typical payback period of less than a year, the Save on Water program is an excellent investment opportunity.

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What's the secret?

High Efficiency Faucet Aerators

High Efficiency Faucet Aerators

Standard faucets waste water. High efficiency faucet aerators will reduce faucet usage by 50% or more.
High Efficiency Showerheads

High Efficiency Showerheads

Standard showerheads have no flow control. High efficiency showerheads will reduce usage by 40% or more.
Monitoring and Evaluation of Savings

Monitoring & Evaluation of Savings

Effective conservation requires utility monitoring. With over 15 years experience monitoring and evaluation energy and water conservation, we deliver savings you can trust.
Replacement of Leaking Fixtures

Replacement of Leaking Fixtures

Leaking fixtures often go unreported and represent 5-10% of total building water usage. Eliminate leakage.
Toilet Adjustment and Flapper Replacement

Toilet Adjustment & Flapper Replacement

Toilets designed to use 5L of water often flush as much as 11L. Installing the correct flapper and properly adjusting toilets will reduce usage by 20-50%.
Save on Water, Save on Energy

Save on Water, Save on Energy

Reduceing water use means less energy is needed to make hot water. Saving even more on utilties.